Attic Insulation 

Although most people tend to use their attic as a storage space for the clutter that they can’t fit anywhere else, it actually plays a huge role in the comfort of your home. Heat rises, and because the attic is the top level of your home, it means the proper cooling and heating of your property rests on attic insulation more than any other space. Our team at SprayEZ outlines the basics of proper attic insulation below and suggests the best products to help you through the process.

Best Practices for Attic Insulation

The first thing that you need to do prior to insulating your attic is determine what kind of foam insulation you’re going to use: open cell or closed cell. Both of these products can act as effective air barriers if installed properly. However, they possess unique traits that set them apart from each other and make each best suited for specific situations.

Insulation Strength

Open cell foam possesses a lower R-value – which refers to resistance to heat flow – per inch than closed cell foam. As such, closed cell foam is more ideal for achieving proper insulation in narrow spaces. Conversely, open cell foam can achieve more insulation strength in open spaces, so you’re going to need to examine the layout of your attic and the areas that need to be insulated in order to determine the best cell choice for your attic insulation.


Both open and closed cell insulation foam utilize blowing agents to create their cells. While open cells use water, closed cell foams utilize Enovate – a chemical compound also known as 245fa – as a blowing agent. Enovate is more expensive than water, meaning that closed cell foam is typically more expensive than open cell foam. It also requires approximately three times the amount of chemicals to create a board foot in comparison to the same amount of open cell foam. For those looking for cost-effective attic insulation foam with a home that contains minimal amounts of narrow spaces, open cell foam is your best bet.

Moisture Permeability

The moisture permeability of insulation foam is an indicator of the amount of moisture that can make its way through the material. Closed cell foam possesses a structure that allows less water to get through. This means that it has much lower moisture permeability than open cell foam. If your attic is experiencing issues with moisture, closed cell foam is the ideal choice for your attic insulation. If you’re going to apply foam on the underside of your roof deck, closed cell foam is your best option due to its ability to prevent moisture and vapor from passing through.

Other Attic Insulation Tips

After deciding on the best kind of foam that you’re going to use for attic insulation, you should ask yourself what areas you will vent. Two of the most important areas to consider for attic ventilation are:

Holes and Gaps

Filling in spaces around gaps – especially around areas where ducts, pipes, and wires enter your attic floor – is a great way to ensure proper insulation of your attic. You should also make sure to caulk smaller holes where necessary.


Venting areas that are blocked in the eaves is necessary to ensure that you don’t block the flow of air from soft-it vents. For those with a roof that possesses a pitch steep enough that the eaves is assessable, consider installing a slanted-board baffle at the end of your joists in order to prevent clogging stemming from insulation.


Properly insulating your attic has numerous benefits, including the following:

·       Reducing heat bills

·       Proper home ventilation

·       Preventing mold, mildew, and decay

SprayEz’s Attic Insulation Products

At SprayEZ, we offer numerous products that can help you properly insulate your attic. The FastKick Spray Foam Start Up Kit is a great choice for those looking for an affordable, quality kit that acts as an all-in-one product for beginners who want to insulate their attic. We also sell cases of foam separately for those that already own a dispensing gun and mixing tubes as well as package deals with dispensing guns and cases of foam for those willing to invest the money. All of the tools that you need for attic insulation can be viewed here.

SprayEZ Quality

Our focus is providing high quality products so that you can properly complete your attic insulation. We also want to be a resource for you. This means helping you determine what products work best for your home through personalized and knowledgeable customer service. With the experience that our experts possess, you can be sure that you will get the right products for the job. As are one of the largest suppliers and manufacturers of Spray Urethane Foam, Polyurea and dispensing equipment in the world, you can be sure that we know our products intimately.

Attics are areas that are often overlooked in homes, but their importance should not be underestimated. For those looking for quality tools to conduct do-it-yourself attic insulation, our selection at SprayEZ offers enough variety to ensure that you have the tools needed to give your home the ventilation that it needs, no matter the layout of your attic. For more information or further questions, give us a call at 1.877.772.9629 and we’ll be happy to walk you through the necessary steps to ensure that the attic insulation process is as painless as possible.